Kurepí is a musical group that evolves from its cultural roots and finds in traditional Latin American music, music so rich in rhythms and colors, a deep way of expressing itself.


At the beginning, integrated by two argentinians, the guitarist Guillermo Gomez Alvarez and the singer Johanna Zohler Arce, was formed with the desire to stay connected, through music, with the land from which they left.


Kurepí recorded its first album, Pa'l que se va, a trip through Latin American music and a tribute to the great masters of this music. 


Pa'l que se va, is an artisanal album, carefully conceived, not only from a musical point of view, but also from graphics and design, illustrated and bound by hand by the visual artist Dana Jasovich.


Currently, as a quintet, with Pablo Giménez in traverse and andean flutes, Martín Laportilla in electric bass and Pablo Cruz in drums, they are preparing their second album: El mismo camino.


Composed with songs of their own authorship, El mismo camino is the result of Kurepi’s search for a voice of its own, the fusion of its roots and the new experiences and sounds they found along the way.

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